Customer Operations & Strategies Manager



Customer Service, Operations
Taipei, Taiwan
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023

Position Impact:

As the Customer Operations & Strategies Manager, you will shape the core of Gogoro's customer experience. Your strategic direction will optimize operations, elevating service quality and performance. Your roadmap for improvement will redefine customer support, boosting user satisfaction. Collaborating across functions, you'll lead efficient resource allocation and crisis response, while also providing leadership to the entire Customer Operations Team. Your influence will echo across the organization, enhancing performance and customer-centric reputation. This role will drive Gogoro's commitment to exceptional customer interactions.

Be responsible for employing strategic and tactical approaches to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of our Customer Operations team. This encompasses overseeing aspects such as capacity, performance, and quality management. Besides, you will craft a comprehensive yearly roadmap for enhancing customer support and service, which will serve as our guide to further elevate customer satisfaction, resulting in significant improvements for Gogoro customers.

Establish shared objectives and allocate necessary resources with collaborated departments to ensure the successful implementation of the improvement roadmap to enhance the user experience, and ensure Gogoro customers perceive service quality increasingly.

On critical cases and incidents, you will be accountable for managing and reporting, and convening emergency meetings when needed to ensure prompt and effective resolution of all important matters.

As the manager, you will directly impact the organizational performance and the success of customer service. Your leadership and management will enable us to better address market demands, provide exceptional customer service, and stand out in a competitive market landscape.


• Design and implement strategies to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of the Customer Operations Center and Customer Risk Management teams.

• Monitor and analyze performance metrics related to capacity, performance, and quality, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective measures.

• Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to align objectives and allocate necessary resources for the successful execution of the two-year customer support and service improvement roadmap.

• Lead the response and resolution of significant cases and incidents, ensuring effective damage control and timely communication.

• Organize and lead emergency meetings when critical situations arise, providing clear direction and resolution strategies.

• Drive the enhancement of operational processes to increase the efficiency of our Customer Operations through a combination of local operational practices and global product solutions.


• Proven experience in Finance, Consulting, Investment Banking, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, or Business Intelligence, with a track record of data-driven decision-making.

• Previous leadership experience with a strong track record of driving organizational performance and enhancing customer service outcomes is a must.

• Adept at collaborative goal-setting and resource allocation, ensuring the successful implementation of the customer support and service improvement roadmap.

• Ability to work closely with cross-functional teams, including Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, and more, to develop initiatives, tools, and processes that align with business objectives.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills, enabling distill large volumes of information into key takeaways and actionable recommendations.

• Crisis management skills, with the ability to navigate and lead through challenging situations to mitigate damage and ensure optimal solutions.

• Strong proficiency in data analysis tools, particularly SQL at an intermediate to advanced level, to derive actionable insights from complex datasets. (optional)